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About company

The Crewing Company «SEAMEN’S TRAINING CENTRE» - STC has been operating since December, 1994, offering crews for a very well established Ship management Company. The company is created together with the Greek shipowner and employs crews on vessels of this company only.

The Company successfully works in the market of refrigerating cargo transportations for more than 36 years. The company is situated in Athens, Greece.

Our associated Ship management Company manages:

  • 32 bulkers, "Panamax" size;
  • More than 14 transport refrigerating vessels;
  • 7 oil/chemical tankers;

Refrigerating vessels of the company work in all areas of the World Ocean and carry out voyages on transportation of fruit, vegetables, frozen meat and fish and other refrigerating cargoes. The most part of freights of the company is made by transportation of deeply frozen fish, a tuna and a squid overloaded in traditional areas of fishing vessels as the Falkland Islands, the Southeast part of the Pacific Ocean, the Central part of the Indian Ocean, the Islands of Micronesia, and also supply the vessels by fuel in the high sea.

During the last years, STC selects and signs on for work on 50 vessels more than 800 persons are constantly being in the sea.

We are glad to inform that from 2010 company has begun development of bulker and tanker fleet. 32 bulkers of large capacity and also two chemical tankers IMO Type 2  DWT 17,043 are already received by Company and these vessels are successfuly working now.

    Providing the highly skilled service we have gained good results – existing business of refrigerator and tanker transportations, and also the program of new building of bulk ships and tankers allows the seamen to work in the company with confidence to look ahead, gives to seamen new possibilities to receive new workplaces on new modern vessels.

    The STC have transformed into Central Crewing Agency of a well established Ship Management Company, which will carry out selection of crews on all types of the company vessels with coordination of other crewing agencies of shipowner in Kaliningrad (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia), and Riga (Latvia).

    We are proud to say, that STC has the long-term and successful operational experience in crewing business and by quantity of the given workplaces occupies one of leading positions among crewing agencies working in Sevastopol.

    Our crewing agency provides full crewing service, starting with selecting a certain seafarer, till arranging full completement of required crew. STC, through the agent in Kiev, organizes delivery of crews from Sevastopol to Kiev (the airport Borispol), a meeting of crews in Borispol at returning from flight and the further delivery to a place of residence of the seaman. All seafarers are being controlled for keeping updated necessary certificates as required by Flag State & International Conventions. Our agency also provides seamen with necessary flag certificates.

    Following high standards policy of personnel selection, STC constantly conducts activities on preservation of workplaces for seamen having a positive estimation of their sea service on a vessel, and corresponding stable promoting for officers and engineers. Priority criterions of candidate’s selection are the confirmed operational experience on subject type the vessels, qualification and possession level of English language.

    Highly skilled and qualified staff of our company makes STC one of the most reputable and stable crewing agency in Sevastopol.

    License AB № 547344 was issued on 22.12.2010 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine